Galleries: Leather Artwork (3)

The selection of designs shown in this gallery are examples of previous work on quality natural coloured vegetable tanned leather. Depending on availability this is normally either goat or cow hide and shade, texture and thickness will vary slightly.

To do full justice to the range the gallery consists of three pages. Page 1 and Page 2 are devoted to pieces designed specifically for a third wedding anniversary where the traditional gift is leather.

This page displays ACEO size collectable original miniature works of art. Full details on having an individual piece especially created for you can be found on the Commission page.

Tawny Owl Leather ACEO Artwork Hare Leather ACEO Artwork

Tawny Owl


Blue Tit Leather ACEO Artwork Puffin Leather ACEO Artwork

Blue Tit


Kingfisher & Dragonfly Leather ACEO Artwork Hobby Leather ACEO Artwork



Fox Leather ACEO Artwork Otter Leather ACEO Artwork



The wildlife portrait designs depicted within a celtic knot oval border have each been carried out on a miniature ACEO size 2.5" x 3.5" piece of quality vegetable tanned leather. (For more information on the term ACEO, please visit the January 2012 News page). In some instances the usual monochrome pyrography has been enhanced with lightfast artist quality coloured inks to enhance realism.

Supplied in a clear protective plastic sleeve accompanied by a personally signed and titled Certificate of Authenticity.




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